New Product Launch Buggy Stroller Lights January 20 2014

I was recently driving through a small village coming back from a meeting. It was  approx.. 8.00pm, it was dark and drizzling. Typical weather for this time of the year, when my headlights caught sight of a mum walking to the side of the road, with a pushchair. She was not walking on a path, there was no path, she was actually walking to the side of the road. The pushchair was black, mum had a black coat on, the village was dimly lit, and it was at that moment, I thought not a great combination. Was this an accident waiting to happen?  Sometimes we forget about our own personal safety, let alone our most precious thing in our lives. We have to get somewhere, time is short, running late, only have a black coat, what ever the reason it we need to step back and think! It was at that moment, we put together a simple, cost effective pack to help in this situation, our buggy/ stroller lights.

Would it not have been great to see Mum, clearly and with warning.                                       


Our Out & About Lights from the miracle box...have been tested by mums for 6 months before launching...


Simply Improve your personal safety and visibility at night, with these bright LED lights. Tested on a range of buggies and strollers, we have included three lights within our pack. Two Red Lights and One White Light, perfect for night time safety.


  1. Includes three individual lights.
  2. Batteries included.
  3. Ideal for buggies, strollers, prams, scooters, bikes, backpacks or personal clothing.
  4. Simple wrap around attachment.
  5. Three Light Modes, Constant, Side to Side, Flashing

Available from themiraclebox for £5.99