What to look for when buying a Baby Changing Bag for the first time January 25 2014

What makes a for a great baby changing bag?

Today, changing bags have become more and more of a fashion accessory, this is all very good, however, they do need to be spacious, functional, practical, easy to carry and if you want it to stay looking new, made from wipe clean material. Once you have all the basics considered, choose one that looks great too!

Beware of choosing a changing bag that's too big, unless you have twins, or wish to carry for the family, as it can become bulky to carry. Deep bags can also be a problem, it may hold a lot, but it may be hard to find what you are looking for, unless they have a light coloured interior, as it has been proven a bag with a dark colour interior is much harder to find your personal effects. As a busy new mum, you don't want to be rummaging for that elusive, but essential, item in the deepest reaches of your bag. Changing bags come is a range of styles from backpack to shoulder bag style, both styles offer practicality making it easier to leave your hands free for carrying your baby or pushing the buggy. However, there are now a great range of practical accessories for clipping your changing bag to your stroller/pram or pushchair. Examples are Secure Buggy Clips, Super Clips or Buggy Hooks, each making your life easier, when shopping or holding your baby.

All too often dads, says “I am not carrying that bag”, so it really is worth thinking about your lifestyle before choosing a changing bag. Is this bag just for you or are you both going to be using the bag? Do you need a large or small changing bag? Do I need a bag to occasions? Etc.

There have been over the last couple of years, a massive influx of baby changing bag ranging from the very basic to the super deluxe. Before you buy here's what to look for: (taken from a survey of our mums)

  • Must have a Wipe Clean Material: as changing bags tend to get a little messy.
  • A Padded Changing Mat: essential for all those nappy changes.
  • Plenty of Pockets: for keeping things separate and to hand.
  • Compartments: useful for keeping bottles separate or used nappies separate from clean clothes.
  • An Insulated Bottle Pocket: another useful feature for keeping items hot or cold.
  • Accessories: some come with extras, such as a dirty nappy bags etc. Find out what you get for your money.
  • Mesh, see-through pockets or Light Coloured Interiors: help you spot the items you need from inside your bag more easily.
  • Washable or wipe-clean lining: things can get messy inside the bag, so you need to be able to clean it easily.
  • Shoulder strap: this makes the bag easier to carry.
  • Buggy Clips