Bumpbands what are they? Essential item or Not? February 19 2014

Essentially a bump band can come in all types of material often with different names (belly band, bumpband, maternity support band etc.) colours my vary and they range in price from £3 to £20. So why the price difference? and why the different names?

The same old saying comes to mind, you get what you pay for! Ask yourself this question? What do you want the band to do for you?

  1. Use for Breastfeeding?
  2. Support your bump?
  3. Fashion?
  4. Help relieve back pain?
  5. Is your skin sensitive?

Depending on your answer, this will determine what to invest in. If it just for fashion purposes, then perhaps a simple fashion band would work for you. However, if you are looking for something more, then look for a product that is made from Bamboo? or with upward lift properties, so that it will support your bump? or perhaps 120% stretch capability?

A good quality support band will help with the following:

  1. Support your growing bump.
  2. Help relieve late pregnancy back pain.
  3. Allow you to continue to wear your own clothes as the support band can be worn over/under jeans etc.
  4. Can be used post pregnancy to cover your tummy whilst breastfeeding.
  5. Hypo-Allergenic material.
  6. If made from Bamboo this actually pulls sweat away from the skin allowing it to naturally evaporate keeping you fresh and cool.
  7. Lift and supports for your growing bump due to its unique upward stretch in the fabric.
  8. At least 120% stretch in the fabric

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Written by the miracle box, this is a personal perspective.