Why you should continue exercising when Pregnant! October 10 2014

The Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

It's true that exercise during pregnancy has tremendous benefits for the mum to be. Dr James Clapp, probably the most well known and respected researcher in the field of pre and post natal fitness, states that women who perform activity for 45 minute sessions at least 5 times per week will get the most benefit from exercise during pregnancy

The benefits for mum can include:

  1.  Less risk of gestational diabetes
  2. Less risk of pregnancy induced hypertension
  3. Fewer obstetric interventions (forceps, venteuse)
  4. Reduction in active labour time
  5. Possible reduction in c-section deliveries
  6. Increased maternal wellbeing
  7. A quicker return to pre-pregnancy figure
  8. More pre & postnatal bladder control
  9. Reduction in leg cramps, back pain, etc.
  10. Less bone density loss during lactation

As if that's not enough, it’s great for baby too!

The benefits for baby can include:

  1. Less body fat at birth (which can possibly extend into later life)
  2. Infants can be less cranky, with reduced colic
  3. Greater neuro-developmental scores in oral language and motor skill at age 5

So you can see for yourself how exercise can have a very positive effect on your pregnancy. However there are several contra-indications to pregnancy exercise so it's very important that you consult with your doctor or midwife before commencing any type of pregnancy exercise program.

Ref: Nordahl Petersen Jeffreys, Fit to Deliver 2005


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