The Perfect Gift for a Newborn Baby December 05 2014


Imagine a personalised piece of art, that is unique, personal and exclusive, depicting the babies name in a Graffiti Style. The perfect gift for a Newborn baby!

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, friend or relative, this stunning individual piece of art, emphasises the babies name in a Graffiti Style. The Canvas is Beautifully Hand Sprayed with your Babies Name as a Gift for that Special Day. Each Premium Quality Canvas is 100% Pure Stretched Cotton Measuring 30 x 60 cm x 4cm. We only use Premium MTN Montana Spray Paint and Graffiti Pens.

Each Canvas is personalised, with your chosen background colour, weight, time baby was born, length and a personal message. These are one off pieces of art, signed by an up and coming British Artist.

We are limited to the number of canvasses that can be sold, as each is hand sprayed and individual. So get yours today!

A personal gift for a special day

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