A Super Clip for a Super Mum December 11 2014

Simple, Effective and Does the Job! That's what mums want! (taken from a recent survey)

What you need is our Super Clip, the perfect accessory for all buggies and strollers.

  • Perfect for Buggies and Strollers.
  • Lightweight and Strong.
  • Perfect for hanging bags and shopping.

Feel safe in the knowledge that your personal items are safe and secure with our Buggy Clips

Tested by real mums before launching...

The Miracle Bag Super Clip is the perfect way to hang  accessories, light shopping or your baby changing bag. Made from lightweight alloy to fit all buggies, prams and strollers makes this the perfect accessory for any mum or dad on the go. Add or remove items simply and quickly with one hand without having to remove the clip from your buggy.

Colour: Black


  1. Easy to use spring clip.
  2. Ideal for one handed operation.
  3. Safe and secure clip for handbags to prevent theft.
  4. One large clip make it perfect to attach heavier loads and or a baby changing bag

Only £5.99 for one or buy a Twin pack for £10.00

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