Need a little space on your stroller/buggy? April 18 2014

Been shopping recently? But have you been shopping with a toddler and a stroller/pushchair?

If you have answered yes! Then you will know that space to carry everything is essential.

You will probably find that once the small carry basket at the bottom of your pushchair is full the only place you have to hang shopping on is the handles which often is not functional but necessary. Most pushchairs have a long bar instead of small handles which means there is no room for a lot of shopping.

There are solutions, including buggy hooks and secure buggy clips, which are great, however hanging too many bags on the handles or the hooks whilst pushing a pushchair/buggy (can make the buggy topple backwards!) also carrying items to the checkout whilst steering the buggy can become very tricky!

At themiraclebox we have come up with a solution that overcomes these problems for mums and dads and makes shopping a breeze, the buggy saddle bag!

The perfect accessory for any buggy, stroller or pushchair. Made from strong mesh with easy access opening and simple to use strong Velcro straps. The clear mesh design makes it easy to find your items quickly and easily. The side position provides more balance and control to your buggy plus it also stops your shopping from hitting your legs!


  1. Makes your Buggy/Stroller more stable.
  2. Provides easy reach storage on your buggy.
  3. Mesh structure enables you to identify items quickly.
  4. Extra strong Velcro for easy fitting.
  5. Can be fitted on either side of the buggy/stroller.
  6. Side position enables a clear walking area.

Just perfect! :-)