The Miracle Bag CITY range of baby changing bags, is it a miracle? February 25 2014

Are you looking for a baby changing bag? not sure what to go for, what type, style, colour etc.? So many choices!!

Well don't take our word for it, here is a real user of the miracle bag, city range of baby changing bag with here story.


I have tested products from the miracle box before, we are an official Miracle Products Blogger and we ran review and giveaway last year for their fab CroydeB rucksack, which is still used now on a  daily basis and still in great condition. We have now got their fab City Changing Bag for review, the city bag has had a bit of a revamp and some fab new features.

The City bag comes with a bright spotted interior fabric, a matching spotted changing mat and lovely plastic wipes holder/messy bag. It also has a deep thermal bottle holder and a shoulder strap, the bag itself has 2 handles so you can carry it that way to. The bag has 2 really big internal compartments, these in turn have internal pockets so the bag is really handy for storing all your little bots and pieces in. There is 2 elasticated netted pockets as well as a zip pocket. The outer of the bag has 2 pockets on the front, 1 on the back and 2 side pockets 1 of which is insulated. The bag is made from 100% cotton and them laminated to make it hard wearing and easy to clean which when you have children is a must!! The bottom of the bag also have 4 chrome studded feet which means it wont get scuffed on the bottom when you place it down.

Now with my youngest child being 3 and almost out of nappies your probably wondering what use I have for a changing bag! But as you know Skye who is 5 and has autism and limited communication is till in nappies. Obviously due to her age they are not regular sized nappies and almost double the size of a standard nappy. This makes carrying them about difficult as there not so big, coupled with the fact we need spare clothes, wipes, drinks and a few of her items shes loving at the moment!

The City Bag easily accommodates all her things she needs and there is still lots and lots of room left in case we needed to add anything else!
The first 2 pictures above are from this weekend when I used to City Bag as an overnight bag. I was lucky enough to be whisked off to a hotel for the night for a meal and drinks with my hubby and the City bag was perfect. I managed to fit in a change of clothes, night wear, toiletries, make up, hair brush and even my straighteners! As you can see the bag is still practically empty as its such a good size so it would make an ideal weekend bag!
The second 2 pictures are from this morning when Skye was going on a day trip with her school, normally she doesn't have to take supplies on a day to day basis as it is all at school. In her bag today I had to include 4 of her nappies, wipes, juice supply, medications, school book and medical file for emergencies. There was bags of room left, I could have fitted her wellingtons, but school supplied them today and a change of clothes.
I'm really impressed with the size f the bag and how much space there is it is perfect for Skye's specialist nappies, it would be perfect for real nappy users to. The one thing I did wonder when I saw the size of the bag was would it look huge on the back of the pushchair?

The first picture is of the bag of the bag of a Cosatto Supa stroller and its fits great, its not too big and its still really easy to push with the bag hanging on the back. The second picture is the bag hung of the back of Skye's Maclaren Major Buggy, the width of this buggy as its a specialist pushchair is wider than a standard pushchair and the bag fits nicely around the handle.
Overall I think the City bag is a great long term piece of kit for any parent, it retails at £49.99 and it available in black polka dot and red polka dot. The price I think is great for a bag that will last for ages and has multi purpose use. 
Miracle Products don't just do changing bags they do a host of items from pre birth all the way to toddler, you can see the whole range on the Miracle Products Website, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.