Weight Training When Pregnant January 22 2014

Its that time of year again! New Year Resolutions. Everybody want to get fit, introduce a diet, meet somebody new etc... We often get asked is it safe to continue exercising when pregnant? We could write all day about this, however, below is an article we published some time ago, that helps answer a few questions on weight training during pregnancy.


A  recent  study by the University of Georgia has suggested that supervised, moderate intensity weight training is safe and beneficial for pregnant women.

The report,  Safety and Efficacy of Supervised Strength Training Adopted in Pregnancy observed 32 pregnant women undertaking strength training twice a week for three months.

The results show that no injuries occurred while potentially adverse symptoms (such as dizziness) were very infrequent – taking place only during 2.1 per cent of all sessions.

The benefits were recorded and produced significant results – the percentage increases in external load from weeks 1 to 12 were 36 percent for leg press, 39 per cent for leg curl, 39 per cent for lat pull down, 41 per cent for lumbar extension and 56 per cent for leg extension.

Blood pressure was unchanged following acute exercise sessions and after 12 weeks of exercise training.  The researches concluded: “The adoption of a supervised, low-to-moderate intensity strength training program during pregnancy can be safe and efficacious for pregnant women.”

The study was published in the current issue of Journal of Physical Activity and Health (volume 8, Issue 3, March 2011). For a synopsis click here. or for more information visit exercise professionals

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