Secure Buggy Clips


Feel safe in the knowledge that your personal items are safe and secure with these buggy clips.

The Miracle Bag Buggy Clip is the perfect way to hang  accessories, light shopping or your baby changing bag. Made from extra strong Velcro straps to fit most buggies, prams and strollers make this the perfect accessory for any mum or dad on the go. Add or remove items simply and quickly with one hand without having to remove the clip from your buggy.

Colour: Black


  1. East to use spring clip. Ideal for one handed operation.
  2. Adjustable Velcro strap fits most prams and buggies.
  3. Safe and secure clips for handbags to prevent theft.
  4. Extra strong velcro for easy re-usable fitting.
  5. Two clips make it perfect to attach heavier loads and a baby changing bag.

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