Deluxe Buggy Lock


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Buggy Burglars have become a major problem in the UK. With the rise of designer prams, strollers and buggies, there is a black market growing at a fast rate of knots.

Halifax Home Insurance has revealed a £60 million black market for stolen prams.

Tested by mums  before launching...

Select our Deluxe Pram Locks to secure your Expensive Pram, Buggy or Stroller. These locks provide a Heavy Duty Deterrent to potential thieves. Simply keep the lock attached to your Pram, Stroller or Buggy and secure when necessary. The heavy duty braided steel wired cable is coated to prevent scratching and the lock is cast in  ABS Plastic to provide durability. Use your lock to attach:

  1. Buggy to Buggy
  2. Buggy to Railings
  3. Buggy to Bike Rack
  4. Buggy to Drain Pipes

Did you know that 20% of Prams, Strollers etc. are stolen from outside Toddler Groups*

(*Taken from independent Police reports in Thames Valley and Kent)

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